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Post  hindimahanap on Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:47 am

'm a big believer in the idea that people need to earn respect.
Everyone starts with a modicum of respect due to their simply being
another human being, but beyond that they need to earn it.

For me this is what I know best way to gain one:

1. be responsible…
reputation is hard to gain and once we have it we should be responsible
enough to take care of it. For every action we have done or we are
doing and we should take the responsibility of whatsoever the outcome
may be, and people trust us for this.

2. be considerate…
we also have to consider everybody around us. Always remember that
there is no “I” in a “TEAM”. People surrounds us have the rights to be
respect by anyone (for all it means).

3. acceptance…
“Nobody is perfect”. We all make mistakes. All we have to do is accept
whatever mistakes we have done for these we are ready to ask for
forgiveness and face a new beginning.

4. forgiveness…
we truly are not perfect, but the most important is we should know how
to forgive. Let whatever happen in the past be a lesson for tomorrow.

5. a man of his word…
whatever it takes we should do whatever promise/s we made.. For it,
people could see you a man of honor. Do not degrade yourself by not
doing what you have said. People gained respect whenever they complied
with their promises.

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